Wallace Collection London opened
Picasso: Le Mouline de la Gallette
Gauguin: Noa Noa
Lawrence Alma-Tadema : Vain Courtship
Cezanne: Still Life with Onions
Renoir: Nude in the Sun
Singer Sargent: The Sitwell Family
Toulouse-Lautrec - La Modiste

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha
Charpentier: Louise, Paris
Elgar: Dream of Gerontius, Birmingham
Puccini: Tosca, Rome

Film: Cinderella - Georges Melies
Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim
Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams

Exposition universelle in Paris
Bertrand Russell: A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz
Wundt: Comparative Psychology
Daily Express London appears
Cake Walk become the most fashionable dance
World Exhibition in Paris
D F Davis presents international lawn tennis cup bearing his name


Toulouse-Lautrec died.

Ernst Krenek born
Aaron Copland born
Kurt Weill born
Sir Arthur Sullivan died

John Ruskin died
Friedrich Nietzsche dies
Oscar Wilde dies



Kandinsky founds Phalanx group in Munich
Picasso settles in Montmatre, Paris
Gauguin: The Gold in Their Bodies
Munch: Girls on the Bridge
Feradin and Holder: Spring
Max Liebermann: Self Portrait
Picasso's Blue Period

Richard Strauss: Feuersnot, Dresden
Stanford: Much Ado about Nothing, London
Dvorak: Rusalka Prague
Elgar: Cockaigne overture
Ravel: Jeaux d'eau
Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2
Bruckner: Sym No.6
Giuseppe Verdi died
Ruggra born
Werner Egk born
Ragtime jazz develops in US
Wigmore Hall, London opened

Thomas Mann- Buddenbrooks
Walt Disney born
Film: The Little Doctor

Motor-bicycle launched


Toulouse-Lautrec dies
Bocklin died



Death of Queen Victoria succeeded by Edward VII


Gauguin: Riders by the Sea
Monet: Waterloo Bridge
Singer Sargent: Lord Ribblesdale
Rodin: Romeo and Juliet
Olaf Gulbransson becomes political cartoonist for the Simplicissimus
Slevogt: portrait of Francesco d'Andrade
Max Klinger: Nietzsche sculpture

Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance marches
Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande
Edward German: Merrie England
Delius: Appalachia
Leo Blech: Das War Ich, Dresden
Lehar: Der Rastelbinder, Vienna
Massenet: Le Jongleur de Notre Dame, Monte Carlo
Sibelius: Sym. No.2
Caruso make his first phonograph recording

Film: Salome - Oskar Messter
Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness
Anton Chekhov - Three Sisters

End of Boer War



Walton born

Emile Zola dies



First Salon d'Automne, Paris
Steer: Richmond Castle
Lawrence Alma-Tadema: Silver favorites
J Israels: Jewish Wedding
Klimt: Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence painted ceiling at Vienna University

Delius: Sea Drift
Bruckner: Sym.No.9
Oscar Hammerstein builds the Manhattan Opera House New York
Eysler: Bruder Straubinger, Vienna
Manon: Giovanna di Napoli
Wolf-Ferrari: Le Donne curiose, Munich
D'Albert: Tiefland, Prague
Elgar: The Apostles, Birmingham
First recording of opera - Verdi's Ernani

Film: Le Barbier de Seville and Le Damnation de Faust
C Isherwood born
G K Chesterton: The Napoleaon of Notting Hill
Joseph Conrad: Nostromo
Hudson: Green Mansions
Jack London: The Sea Wolf
Romain Rolland: Jean Christophe
James Barrie
: Peter Pan
Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard
Thomas Hardy: The Dynasts
Synge: Riders to the Sea
Max Halbe: Der Strom
Hermann Hesse: Peter Camenzind
O Henry: Cabbages and Kings
Frank Wedekind: Die Buchse der Pandora
Henry James: The Golden Bowl
Film: The Great Train Robbery - longest film to date - 12 mins

First flight made by Wright Brothers
First motor taxis in London
Deutsches Museum Munich opened
Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with capital of $100,000
Steiff designs first teddy bears - names after President Theodore Roosevelt
First tour de France


Gauguin dies
Pissarro dies
Whistler dies

Hugo Wolf died
Lennox Berkeley born
Boris Blacher born

George Orwell born
Chekhov died
Leslie Stephen died
C Isherwood born
Graham Greene born
Marlene dietrich born



Picasso: The Two Sisters
Rousseau: The Wedding

Delius: Koanga
Puccini: Madame Butterfly - Milan
Richard Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica,
First radio transmission of music at Graz, Austria
London Sym gives its first concert
Victor Herbert: Mlle.Modiste
Janacek: Jenufa

Last edition of World of Art magazine
Anton Chekhov - The Cherry Orchard
Joseph Conrad - Nostromo
Max Beeborm: Poets Corner

Broadway subway opened in New York
World Exhibition and Olympics at St Louis
Carl Duisberg creates I G Farben Co
Carl Lindstrom Co founded in Berlin for the production of phonographs and phonograph records


Dali born
Fantin-Latour dies

Balanchine and Dolin born
Dvorak dies
Dallapiccola born


Broadway subway opened i


Foundation of Die Brucke in Dresden
Vanessa Bell founds Friday Club
Heckel begins work as an architect
Leo and Gertrude Stein buy Matisse's Woman in a Hat
Matisse'': Luxe, calme et volupte
Paul Cezanne: Les Grandes Baigneuses
Rousseau Jungle with a Lion
Sargent: The Marlborough Family

Debussy: La Mer
Lehar" The Merry Widow
Strauss: Salome, Dresden
Albert Schweitzer: J S Bach
Sir Thomas Beecham makes debut in London
Victor Herbert: The Red Mill, New York

Films: First films featuring comedian Max Linder
H G Wells: Kipps
Wharton: House of Mirth
Oscar Wilde: De Profundis

Albert Einstein formulates theory of relativity
First European cinema opens, in London
Austin Motor Co formed in England
First Motor buses in London
Opening of Piccadilly and Barkerloo underground lines
First neon light signs appear


Adolf Menzel died

Serge Lifar born
Michael Tippett born

Jean-Paul Satre born
C P Snow born
Jules Verne: died



Picasso paints Portrait of Gertrude Stein
Derain: Port of London
Georges Roualt  : At the Mirror
Sickert: The Lady in the Gondola
Cezanne dies

Massenet: Ariane Paris
Mozart Festival in Salzburg
Wolf-Ferrari: The School for Fathers
Elgar: The Kingdom
Shostakovich born

First edition of Golden Fleece
Greta Garbo born

First motor-racing Grand Prix held in France
Earthquake in San Francisco


Foundation of Fitzroy Street Group
Foundation of The Eight
Derain: Blackfriars Bridge
: Demoiselles d'Avgnon
Henri Rousseau  : The Snake Charmer
Basil Spence born
Chagall: Peasant Women
Munch: Portrait of Walter Rathenau

Delius: A Village Romeo and Juliet
Mahler: Sym. No8 - sym of a Thousand
First Ziegfeld Follies, New York

Henri Bergson - L'Evolution Creatrice
Joseph Conrad - The Secret Agent
Joseph Conrad: The Secret Agent
Nobel Prize Rudyard Kipling

First comic strip launched in San Francisco Chronicle (Mr Mutt)
Baden Powell founds Boy Scout movement


Saint-Gaudens died

Joachim died
Grieg died

Auden born
Huysmans born
Prudhomme died
Moravia born
Christopher Fry born



First Golden Fleece exhibition
paints Three Women
Matisse opens art school in Paris
Chagall: Nu Rouge
Monet: The Ducal Palace, Venice
First steel and glass building AEG Turbine factory, Berlin by Peter Behrens

Elgar: Sym.No.1

Film: The Last Days of Pompeii
E M Forster - A Room with a View

Model T Ford produced
Olympic Games in London

Zepplin disaster near Echterdingen
General Motors Corp. formed



Rimsky-Korsakov died
Herbert von Karajan born
Oliver Messiaen born
Sarasate died


Don Bradman born


Kandinsky founds Neue KunstlerVereinigung with Munter and von Jawlensky|
Shchukin commissions Matisse's La Danse
Frank Lloyd Wright : Robie House Chicago
: Harlequin

Delius: A Mass of Life
Richard Strauss: Elektra
Rimsky-Korsakov: The Golden Cockerel
Mahler: Sym.No.9
Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme of Tallis
Diaghilev presents Ballet Russe for first time in Paris
Schonberg: Three Piano Pieces Op.11
Wolf-Ferrari: Il Segreto di Susanna
Franz Lehar: The Count of LuxembourgFiaghilev launches Ballet Russe in Paris

Films: Carmen
First newsreels
Mary Pickford the first film star
Maeterlinck: L'Oiseau bleu
H G Wells: Tono-Bungay

Louis Bleriot flies across the English Channel
Selfridge's store open in London
Cure discovered for syphilis
Bakelite invented, named after Belgian born US inventor



Robert Helpmann born

Stephen Spender born
A C Swinburne died
G Meredith died



Foundation of the Camden Town Group

Elgar: Concerto for Violin
Puccini: The Girl of the Golden West
Vaughnan Williams: Sea Symphony
Stravinsky: The Firbird
Thomas Beecham's first opera season at Convent Garden

E M Forster - Howard's End
E M Worringer - Form Problems of the Gothic
Leo Tolstoy dies

Suffragettes march on Westminster
Edward VII dies succeeded by George V
Crippen executed - first criminal to be apprehended by radiotelegraphy
Tango gains in popularity in USA and Europe


Cubism emerges as a movement at Salon des Independants and Salon d'Automne
The Eight formed in Paris

Kandinsky - Concerning the Spiritual in Art


Rutherford formulates atomic theory



Kandinsky and Marc (eds) - Der Blaue Reiter Almanac


Scott reaches South Pole
Titanic hits iceberg and sinks
Royal Flying Corps founded


Die Brucke comes to a formal close
Matisse's Blue Nude burnt in effigy in Chicago

D H Lawrence - Sons and Lovers
Thomas Mann - Death in Venice
Marcel Proust - A la Recherche du temps perdu


Gandi arrested
Jet propulsion discovered
Zip fastening becomes popular
Foxtrot becomes fashionable on the dance floor


Foundation of the Fourteen
Matisse: The Red Studio
Braque: Music

First edition of Blast - Vorticist manifesto
Clive Bell - Art
James Joyce - The Dubliners
Boughton: The Immortal Hour
Vaughan Williams: A London Symphony
Gigli makes debut


World War 1 breaks out


Raol Dufy: Hammage a Mozart
Chagall: The Birthday
Marcel Duchamp: first Dada style paintings

Scriabin dies
Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie

Buchan: The 39 Steps



Dadaist cult in Zurich
Franz Marc died
Matisse: The Three Sisters
Frank Lloyd Wright   designs Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Odile Redon died
Thomas Eakins died

Max Reger died




Picasso designs sets and costumes for Satie's ballet Parade
Modigliani: Crouching Female Nude
Bonnard: Nude at the Fireplace
John Singer Sargent:: Portrait of Joyn D Rockefeller
Degas died
Rodin died

Prokofiev: Classical Symphony
Respighi: Fountains of Rome
Auric, Durey, Honegger, Milhaud, Poulenc, and Tailleferre form Les Six




Juan Gris: Scottish Girl
Paul Klee: Gartenplan
Oskar Kokoschka  : Friends and Saxonian Landscape
Ferdinand Leger  Engine Rooms
Amedeo Modigliani " Act
Edvard Munch: Bathing Man
Matisse: Odalisques
Robert Delaunay : portrait of Igor Stavinsky
Joan Miro  1st exhibition

Bernstein born
Debussy died
Hubert Parry died
Stravinsky: Histoire du soldat
Cesar Cui: died




Bauhaus founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar Germany
Wassily Kandinsky: Dreamy Improvisation
Paul Klee: Dream Birds
Amedeo Modigliani : Las Marchesa Casati
Claude Monet: Nympheas
Edvard Munch: The Murder
Pablo Picasso: Pierrot et Harlequin
sets for Diaghilev's production of the Three Cornered Hat
Pierre August Renoir died
Rossetti died
Poynter died

Elgar: cello concerto London
Manuel de Falla: Three Cornered Hat ballet London
Margot Fonteyn born




Feininger: Chaurch
Juan Gris: Book and Newspaper
Klinger died
Henri Matisse: l'Odalisque
Modigliani: died
Nicholson: Sunflowers
Spencer: Christ carrying the Cross
Leger: The Tug Boat

Max Bruch died
Gigli makes debut at the Met
Ravel: La Valse
Stravinsky: Pulcinella and Le Chant du rossignol
Griffes died
Vaughan Williams: London symphony final version
Holst: The Planets




George Braque: Still Life with Guitar
Ernst: The elephant Celebes
Paul Klee The Fish
Kokoschka: Music
Leger: Three Women
Edvard Munch: The Kiss
Picasso: Three Musicians
Duke of Westminster sells Thomas Gainsborough  's Blue Boy and
Joshua Reynolds's Portrait of Mrs Siddons to American collector Collis Huntington for 200,000 pounds

Caruso died
Honegger: Le Roi David
Humperdinck died
Prokofiev The Love for Three Oranges Chicago
Saint-Saens died
Die Walkure first Wagnerian opera to be staged at the Paris Opera since before the war
Stravinsky: Symphony for Wind Instruments




Max Beckmann: Before the Bell
Marc Chagall leaves Russia for Paris
Paul Klee: The Twittering Machine
Marin: Sunset
Joan Miro: The Farm
Steer: Mrs Raynes
Wassily Kandinsky elected professor at the Bauhaus


Kingsley Amis died



Marc Chagall Love Idyll
End of Dada movement
Raol Dufy : On the Banks of the River Marne
Wassily Kandinsky: Circles in the Circle
Picasso: Lady with Blue Veil, Women, Melancholy
Spencer: the Resurrection
Maurice Utrillo : Ivry Town Hall
Maurice de Vlaminck : Village in Northern France

Honegger: Pacific 231
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
Maria Callas born




Die Blauen Vier - Feininger, Jawlensky, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee
George Braque: Sugar Bowl
Marc Chagall: Daughter Ida at the Window
Oskar Kokoschka : Venice
Joan Miro: Catalan Landscape
Picasso's abstract period
Hans Thoma died

Faure dies
Puccini dies
Respighi: Pini di Roma
Romberg: Student Prince

Joseph Conrad dies



Marc Chagall The Drinking Green Pig
Feininger: Tower
Walter Gropius moves the Bauhaus to Dessau from Weimar
Oskar Kokoschka : Tower Brige
Picasso: Three Dancers
Georges Roualt: The Apprentice
John Singer Sargent dies

Erik Satie dies
Pierre Boulez born




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