"Pictures deface walls oftener than they decorate them."
Saturday Evening Post 1961




Frank Lloyd Wright the greatest and most influential of American architects believed that a building, like a living organism must "grow" out of its surrounding. Between 1893 and 1911 he built a number of small suburban houses planned outwards from a central hearth. These "Prairie houses" with their open planning, flying horizontals, and designs which flowed outwards from a central hearth made a great impression on other architects before 1914. Wright despised concrete and steel boxes and prefer to work with nature,

Some Frank Lloyd Wright Sites include:
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Lists all the Houses and those open for inspection in each State.
Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park
is a wonderful site with information about houses in Oak Park, Illinois.

"is home to the world's largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings and houses, with 25 structures built between 1889 and 1913. It was in our village that Wright developed and perfected his signature Prairie Style architecture, emphasizing the use of interior light and open spaces in low, earth-hugging buildings. "

They list all the Houses which the public can visit and those which are still private homes.
Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Guggenheim Museum
The Guggenheim Museum in New York was designed as a continuous spiral ramp surrounding an open well. The spiral widens in diameter as it rises towards its glass dome - the main source of natural light for the exhibits. Wright believed the curved walls were the best surface for showing pictures, the building is cast in concrete with a smooth finish and could not possibly have been built without 20th century technology.
Guided architectural tours by appointment. Closed Thursdays.
1071 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10128





Sherman Booth House - 1915
located in the Ravine Bluffs Development with landscaping by Jens Jensen - Wright extensively remodeled an earlier building
Ravine Bluffs Housing Development Glencoe Illinois


Joseph Husser House
Designed in 1899 and demolished in 1926
It was a forerunner of the Prairie House with a basement at ground level and the house rising 2 stories higher - partly as protection from flooding by the nearby Lake Michigan. Wright designed the furniture - the dining room furniture was auctioned in 1987 for $1.6 million
Chicago Illinois

Ennis-Brown House - 1923
Carol Bishop
This is the 3rd and largest of the 4 Los Angeles textile block houses.Restored by Mr and Mrs August Brown it was donated by them to Trust for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage which they set up.
Guided tours of the house are available
2655 Glendower Ave Los Angeles

George D. Sturgess House - 1939
Cantilevered out from a smaller brick base it floats above the garden. A spectacular view over Los Angeles and the Pacific ocean it is a reworking of an earlier design.
Cantilevered out from the hillside the house is built from brick with wood siding, the whole east side opening out onto a balcony
449 Skyeway Drive Brentwood Heights California


Unity Temple Oak Park
was one of the first buildings in the world constructed of exposed concrete of a fine pebble aggregate. It was designed in 1904, dedicated in 1907 and opened in 1908
Self-guided tours Monday - Friday, 1 to 4 pm. (Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10 am to 5 pm) $3 adults, $2 students and seniors.
Guided tours Saturday and Sunday 1, 2 and 3 pm. $5 adults, $3 seniors and students.
875 Lake St.
Oak Park, IL 60301

Dr John Storer House
Los Angeles California 1923
Built from concrete blocks with steel rods the house is well able to withstand earthquakes
Its plan had been done earlier for a client who decided not to built it . It is textile block house a split-level plan with wings to each side
8161 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood California

  Hollyhock House - 1917
The Hollywood house was designed for Aline Barnsdall the oil Heiress. She called it Hollyhock house after her favorite flower, the U shaped stucco house is built around a garden court with rooms opening onto the court.
4808 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles


Imperial Hotel - Tokyo, Japan
Wright, F.L.

Isadore Heller House
Chicago Illinois 1896
is a building of rectangular interlocking spaces with exterior of Roman brick. One of the tallest of his house designs - 3 stories with side entrance and a large room at the front.
5132 Woodlawn Ave Chicago Illinois



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Frank Lloyd Wright's Int
A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion - William Allin Storrer University of Chicago Press 1993


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