"Art is the lie that makes us realize the truth"
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"There is no abstract art.  You must always start with something."

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Spanish artist Picasso was one of the greatest artistic innovators, and founder of Cubism. His
style varies depending on the period he painted, his major works being "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon",
"Three Musicians", "Girl before a Mirror", "Guernica" and the Picasso peace dove. Probably one of
the most influential artists of the 20th century. His "blue period" which described the color and
mood of his art when he came to Paris from Spain in 1900 consists mainly of pictures of beggars and
outcasts, the pathos reflecting his own sense of isolation.
Born October 25 1881 in Malaga, Spain
1895 His Family moves to Barcelona and studies at La Lonja, the Academy of Fine Arts
1900 Holds his first exhibition in Barcelona
1904 Settles in Paris His style develops from the Blue Period (1901-1904) to the Rose Period (1905) to the pivotal work
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
(1907) to Cubism
1916 Starts collaboration on ballet and theatrical productions
1925-1930 is involved with the Surrealists,  becomes interested in sculpture.
1936 Spanish Civil War affects him culminating in his painting Guernica.
1944 Begins association with Communist Party, moves to south of France
1973 April 8 he died at Mougins
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This landmark exhibition is the first to focus exclusively on works by Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881 - 1973) in the
Museum's collection. It features three hundred works, including the Museum's complete holdings of paintings,
drawings, sculptures, and ceramics by Picasso—never before seen in their entirety—as well as a selection of the
artist's prints. The Museum's collection reflects the full breadth of the artist's multi-sided genius as it asserted
over the course of his long and influential career.

Notable for its remarkable constellation of early figure paintings, which include the commanding At the
Lapin Agile (1905) and the iconic portrait of Gertrude Stein (1906), the Museum's collection also stands apart
for its exceptional cache of drawings, which remain relatively little known, despite their importance and number.
The key subjects that variously sustained Picasso's interest—the pensive harlequins of his Blue and Rose periods,
the faceted figures and tabletop still lifes of his cubist years, the monumental heads and classicizing bathers of
the 1920s, the raging bulls and dreaming nudes of the 1930s, and the rakish cavaliers and musketeers of his final
 years—are amply represented by works ranging in date from a dashing self-portrait of 1900 (Self-Portrait "Yo")
to the fanciful Standing Nude and Seated Musketeer painted nearly seventy years later.
The exhibition and the catalogue are made possible by the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation.
Producer and Director: Christopher Noey
Camera: Wayne de la Roche, Jessica Glass
Editor: Kate Farrell
Sound Recording: David Raymond
Production Assistant: Stephanie Wuertz

The Family of Saltimbanques
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
The Lovers
Nude Woman in a Red Armchair
Weeping Woman
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907: The Museum of Modern Art New York
Ma Jolie 1911-1912: The Museum of Modern Art New York
The Three Dancers 1925: Tate Gallery London
Guernica 1937: The Prado Madrid
Still Life with Three Fish Musee Picasso Antibes
Landscape Musee Picasso Barcelona
Woman Reclining Reading Musee Picasso Paris Paris
Cup and Spoon Bridgestone Museum of Art Tokyo
Woman with a Guitar Norton Simon Museum Pasadina
Harlequin The Museum of Modern Art New York
Nude with Clasped Hands Art Gallery of Ontario Toronto

10 most expensive paintings by Picasso

Garcon a la pipe 1905 Sotherby's New York 2004 104,168.000
Dora Maar au chat 1941 Sotherby's New York 2006 95,216.000
Femme aux bras croises 1901-02 Christies New York  2000 55,006.000
Les Noces de Pierrette, Binoche et Godeau 1989   . 51,796.432
Femme assise dans un jardin 1938 Sotheby's New York 1999 49,502.500
Le reve 1932 Christies New York 1997 48,402.000
Self Portrait: Yo Picassso 1901 Sotherby's New York 1989 47,850.000
Nu au fauteuil noire 1932 Christies New York 1999 45,102.000
Au Lapin Agile 1905 Sotherby's New York 1989 40,700.000
Acrobate et jeune Arlequin 1905 Christies London 1988 38,138.700

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The Artist and His Model.
serigraph, published in 1991 Picasso's original "The Artist and His Model" work was created in 1964. This is a Museum Reproduction Edition serigraph printed by Editions Limited in 1991 and published by Gallery A.P.J. Graphic Station. Copyrighted Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, 1991 and from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Collection.

Pablo Picasso's "De Memoire D'Homme IXT
1950 lithograph, original  was also created in 1950.
This vintage lithograph was printed by Mourlot on Arches paper, from the book "De Memoire D'Homme," written by Tristan Tzara.


  Pablo Picasso's "Nu Accroupi (Seated Woman).
an offset lithograph The year of Picasso's original "Nu Accroup" work is 1954. Reproduction of "Nu Accroupi (Seated Woman)," printed on Arches paper in five color offset lithography. The printing process uses metal plates to create the artwork. Each color printed in grano-litho has its own surface.
Vue Depuis L'Atelier De L'Artiste (View From the Artist s Studio).
 a vintage 1980 lithograph  The year of Picasso's original work was 1967.



  "Pitcher and Bowl of Fruit."
an offset lithograph The year of Picasso's original artwork of "Pitcher and Bowl of Fruit" was 1931.
 La Femme a La Resille (Woman With Hairnet).
a 1994 offset lithograph The year of Picasso's original "La Femme a La Resille" is 1949.



  Tauromachie (Bullfighting)."
a vintage lithograph created in 1982,The year of Picasso's original "Tauromachie" work is 1957.
Le Chandail Jaune (The Yellow Sweater)
a 2014 offset lithograph The year of Picasso's original work was 1939.

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Painting Girl with Dove (1901)

  Figure and Profile



Painting Peace Dove with Flowers (1957)

Man with a Cigarette (1964) in silver-gilt frame.  

Woman in a Straw Hat


In Studio (1954) in baroque frame

 Torros y Toreros I in a frame



 Toros y Toreros II

The Demonstration 1954


  Painting The Washerwoman Painting Drawing Children  


Painting The Pipes of Pan

Picture The Round Dance 1961

   Woman with Bird Painting Dora Maar (1937  


Picture ostrich, framed

Paul in a Clown Suit


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Guernica, 1937
Original oil on canvas is in the
Museo de Prado Madrid
Guernica is a powerful political statement - a reaction to the Nazi bombing Guernica. A 26 feet long mural The German Luftwaffe bombed the ancient basque town of Guernica without warning during the Spanish Civil War and fleeing farmers were machine gunned from the air.   Thousands of civilians were killed and the city left in flames.  
Historians believe this was airplane practice for World War 11.

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