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Michael Parkinson has been Knighted

 Sir Michael Parkinson at Buckingham Palace
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David Beckham's interview with Michael Parkinson

David was on the last Parkinson Show - December 2007
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A chance to re-live the famous moment when Victoria revealed to Parkinson that she calls David 'Golden Balls' at home. Free video clip from the popular british talk show 'Parkinson'.
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FRONTLINE | Parkinson's: Michael J. Fox Interview | PBS

See the full episode at http://video.pbs.org/video/1082086931
Michael J. Fox talks with FRONTLINE producer Dave Iverson about living with Parkinson's disease, a diagnosis Iverson also shares with his older brother and departed father. "My Father, My Brother, and Me" aired Tues, Feb 3 at 9 pm on PBS (check local listings).
In 2004, journalist Dave Iverson received the same news that had been delivered to his father and older brother years earlier: He had Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative neurological disorder that affects about one million Americans. In a FRONTLINE and ITVS joint production, Iverson explores the scientific, ethical and political debate that surrounds Parkinson’s--a disease at the center of the ongoing controversy over embryonic stem cell research. Iverson talks to scientists on the cutting edge of new cures and therapies for Parkinson’s as well as a number of other major neurological conditions. And he has intimate conversations with fellow Parkinson’s sufferers like actor Michael J. Fox and writer Michael Kinsley.
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Parkinson BBC Rod Hull & Emu 70s

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Joan Rivers George Michael On Parkinson Part 4 Of 6

Joan Rivers With George Michael & Stephen Fry Being Interviewed On Parkinson 19 05 2007
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Helen Mirren - Interview with Michael Parkinson Part2

Helen Mirren discusses her role in "The Queen"
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Kirk Douglas Interview - Parkinson - BBC

Kirk Douglas talks about his stroke, the advice of his son Michael, and the impact his loss of speech has had on his acting career. Free video clip from the popular british talk show 'Parkinson'.
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Parkinson: Jeremy Paxman Interview

Jeremy Paxman shows a softer side and sense of remorse over the way he treats some politicians. He also explains why he repeated that famous question to Michael Howard 14 times on Newsnight. Watch the full Michael Howard interview on Newsnight with BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwlsd8RAoqI
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Michael Parkinson interview 2002 3/4 Ian Hislop 1

 Michael Parkinson interview 2002 4/4 Ian Hislop 2

Hislop discusses Have I Got News For You (including Paul Merton, Angus Deayton and Paula Yates), Private Eye magazine, what makes him angry, Tony Blair & the nature of politics, his time at public school, and his mother.
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Michael Parkinson interview 2002 1/4 Nigel Havers 1

 Michael Parkinson interview 2/4 Nigel Havers 2

Nigel Havers freely admits being completely in denial about his age.
He discusses how he went into acting despite a strong family background in law.
Find out why he had a brilliant time at drama school (gender balance had something to do with it).
'Being Charming' is also given the treatment.
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Gwyneth Paltrow interview - Parkinson - BBC

Gwyneth Paltrow explains to Michael Parkinson why she was so emotional when she won an oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Free video clip from the popular british talk show 'Parkinson'.
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