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Bolshoi Ballet School

This 6 part documentary on the Moscow Choreographic Academy , the actual name of the Bolshoi Ballet school , looks at the 2002/2003 ballet school year. There are four different students that this film focuses on. The main student is Natalia Osipova , who was 16 years old in 2002 and after finishing her seventh, and next to last year in the school, was 17 years old. After briefly showing Osipova in a school performance, they show the tryouts of the applicants for the first year of the school. Then it skips to the first day of the school year in September and progresses during the year. Osipova, is shown in class, in rehearsal and in performance at the graduation exams. She is shown dancing the Rose Adagio from Sleeping Beauty. She is also seen winning the grand prize at the Luxembourg ballet competition. The youngest student shown is the first year boy, Pasha Kozlov . It is interesting that when his parents come to Moscow to see their son in his graduation exams, his father mentions that he has never been in Moscow before. If Pasha is still at the school, he would have just finished his 6th year, with two years left. The final students are very unique in terms of what has happened to their careers. They are Kirill Safin and his younger brother, Igor Safin. Kirill graduated in 2006 and Igor 2007. They took a very unusual route in their ballet careers from the Moscow Choreographic school, ending up at the Mariinsky Theater. Igor has finished his first year with the Mariinsky (I like to call it Kirov ) and Kirill finished his second year. Both are in the corps de ballet, but Kirill has danced many solo roles. Kirill has been rehearsing Solor , so there is a possibility that he might have his first principal role in the upcoming year in Bayadere . His coach, the former Kirov star, Sergei Vikhulov , expects a promising career for Kirill. The director of the Bolshoi school is Marina Leonova, who is shown often in this documentary. I am not certain, but one of the parts in these videos ends and the next video starts with a boys class that Leonova enters. I think the teacher is the former Bolshoi ballet star, Yuri Vasyuchenko
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