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John Wion was principal flute of the New York City Opera Orchestra for thirty seven years and Professor of Flute at the Hartt School, Connecticut. In a career that spanned all aspects of the music business, he has performed as soloist, chamber musician, and in symphony and ballet orchestras, as well as on Broadway and in recording studios
His 220 paged autobiography
WOOD, SILVER & GOLD - A Flutist's Life
encompasses all these experiences along with the fascinating life he has built around them, and is available in paperback form either with black & white photographs or colored photographs

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CHAPMAN Flute Technique
CLARDY: Flute Fundamentals: The Building Blocks of Technique 
MICHEL CORRETTE: Flute Playing in the 18th Century  (Out of Print)
DICK: The Other Flute - a performance manual of Contemporary Techniques
DONINGTON: Baroque Music, Style and Performance
ANGELEITA FLOYD: The Gilbert Legacy -
GALWAY: Yehudi Menuhin Music Guide
GALWAY Yehudi Menuhin Music Guide
MARCEL MOYSE: Voice of the Flute
HARRISON: How to play the Flute
HILL: The Flute Players Book
HOTTERRE: Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe
KINCAID: The Advanced Flautist
KINCAID: Art & Practice of Modern Flute Technique
KRELL: Flute Player's Notebook: Kincaidiana
MOYSE: Tone Development through Interpretation for the Flute
ANTOINE MAHAUT: A New Method for Learning to Play the Transverse Flute
RICHARD MC GOWAN: Italian Baroque Solo Sonatas for the Recorder and the Flute
CAROL NOE: A Guidebook to Flute Choir Literature
PELLERITE: Handbook of Literature for the Flute
PELLERITE: A Modern Guide to Fingering for the Flute
PUTNIK: The Art of Flute Playing
PIERREUSE: Flute Literature  (unavailable at present)
QUANTZ: On Playing the Flute
ROCKSTRO: A Treatise on the Flute
SHEPARD/HORN: How to love your Flute A Guide to Flutes and Flute Playing
TOFF: The Flute Book
TOFF: The Flute Book
TOFF: The Development of the Modern Flute
TOFF: The Development of the Modern Flute
TROMLITZ: The Keyed Flute ed. Ardal Powell
VESTER: Flute Repertoire Catalogue
VESTER: Flute Music of the 18th Century
WEISBERG: The Art of Wind Playing
WAYNE WILKINS: Index of Flute Music 1979-1983  (Unavailable at present)
CHRISTOPHER WELCH: History of the Boehm Flute
The Flute & Flute Playing in Acoustical, Technical and Artistic Aspects Dayton Miller, Theobald Boehm

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