Raphael was the son of a painter, and studied with Perugino (c1445-1523). Later whilst living in Florence the influence of the sfumato style of Michelangelo and Leonardo can be seen in much of his work from this period. In 1508 the Pope commissioned him to decorate the private papal rooms of the Sistine Chapel while Michelangeo was working on the ceiling.
The School of Athens can be seen in the Vatican Museum and Galleries, Rome


A Tale of Two Raphaels

In this special film, Evans visits the V&A and Windsor Castle to reveal how Raphael made the cartoons which were used to make tapestries by specialist weavers in Brussels and how they come to be at the V&A. Meanwhile, in Rome, Vatican Museum Curator, Professor Arnold Nesselrath explains how Raphael applied his 'universal genius' to sculpture, architecture and tapestry as well as painting.
At the film's climax, the two curators meet in the Sistine Chapel to witness a hanging of the Raphael tapestries in 'the greatest room in art'.
This rare event took place in July as the prelude to this autumn's historic V&A exhibition.

Related Artists include: Perugino, Pollaiuolo, Nicolas POUSSIN, Leonardo DA VINCI, Michelangelo

Works include:
The Alba Madonna c.1510: National Gallery Washington
The School of Athens 1510-1511: Stanza della Segnatura Vatican Museums Rome
Galatea 1513: Villa Farnesina Rome
The Transfiguration 1520: Vatican Museum Rome
The Ansidei Madonna National Gallery London
Sistine Madonna Gemaldegalerie Dresden
Baldassare Castiglione Louvre Paris
Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals Uffizei Florence
The Belvedere Madonna Kunsthisorisches Museum Vienna
Virgin and Child with a Book Norton Simon Museum Pasadena
La Belle Jardiniere c 1507- Louvre Paris
The Engagement of the Virgin 1504 - Pinacoteca di Brera Milan
Agnolo Doni c1506 - Galleria Palatina Pallazzo Pitti Florence
The Canigiani Holy Family c1507 - Uffizzi Florence
The School of Athens 1509 - Vatican Museums Vatican City
The Triumph of Galatea c1511 Villa Farnesina Rome
Madonna della Sedia c1512 - Galleria Palatia Pallazzo Pitti Florence
The Liberation of Peter 1514 - Vatican Museums Vatican City
The Sistine Madonna c1513 - Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden
Transfiguration Pinacogeca Apostolica Vaticana Vatican
Baldassare Castiglione c1515 - Louvre Paris
Pope Leo X with Cardinal Guilo de'Medici and Luigi de'Rossi 1513 - Galleria Palatina Florence




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