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The Art Institute of Chicago has a collection spanning 40 centuries from ancient Chinese bronzes to African wood carvings, textiles and photographs. Plus an acclaimed collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, an extensive collection of 20th century American art and the Thorne Miniature Rooms. *

111 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Ill 60603
(312) 443-3600

The Official Site of the Art Institute of Chicago

Notable works of art in the Art Institute of Chicago include:
George SEURAT: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte
Francois BOUCHER: Pense-t-aux Raisins? 1747
Georg BELLOWS: Love of Winter
CAILLEBOTTE: Paris on a Rainy Day
Gustave CAILLEBOTTE: Paris A Rainy Day 1877
Mary CASSATT: Woman Reading in a Garden 1880
El Greco: Assumption
Edward HOPPER: Nighthawks
Meindert HOBBEMA: Watermill
Nathaniel Burt: Palaces for the People
Sakai Hoitsu:  Mandarin Ducks in Snow

Claude MONET: Haystack, Winter, Giverny 1891
Currier and Ives: A Snowy Morning 1864
Camille PISSARRO: Rabbit Warren at Pontoise, Snow
Camille PISSARRO: The Crystal Palace 1871
Claude Gellee: Landscape with Sacrificial Procession 1673
Tosa Mitsuoki: Cherry Blossoms (Spring)
Maurice Prendergast: THe Mall, Central Park 1901
Cecile Puvis de Chavannes: The Sacred Grove c1884
William CHASE:  The Park c1888
Theodore Robinson: The Valley of Arconville 1887/89
Francesco Paolo Michetti: Springtime and Love 1878
Vincent VAN GOGH: The Garden of the Poets 1888
Susan Merritt: Fourth of July Picnic at Weymouth Landing Massachusetts c1853
Pierre August RENOIR: Near the Lake c1880
Pierre August RENOIR: On the Terrace 1881

Pierre August RENOIR: Two Little Circus Girls
Jacob REMBRANDT: Girl at the Dutch Door
Henri ROUSSEAU: The Waterfall 1910
Childe HASSAM: New England Headlands 1899
George SEURAT: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 1884-86
Alfred SISLEY: Watering Place at Marly 1875
John Singer SARGENT: The Fountain, Villa Torlonia Frascati 1907
John Singer SARGENT: Woodsheds, TyrPaierre
John Henry TWACHTMAN: Icebound c1889
William TURNER: Valley of Aosta - Snowstorm, Avalanche and Thunderstorm 1836/37
Meindert HOBBEMA: The Watermill with the Great Red Roof c1670
Henri Cross: Beach at Cabasson 1891/92
Claude MONET: On the Seine at Bennecourt 1868
Claude MONET: Two Haystacks 1891
Claude MONET: For to be A Farmers Boy 1887
Winslow HOMER: Croquet Scene 1866
Thomas Worthington Whittredge: Forest Interior 1882
George Inness: Home of the Heron 1893
William Sidney Mount: The Residence of the Late Thomas Mills Esq, Mills Pond, Long Island 1874
Camille PISSARRO: Haying Time 1892
Eugene BOUDIN: Apaproaching Storm 1864
Tosa Mitsuoki: Maple Leaves
Sanford Robinson Gifford: Kauterskill Clove, Catskill Mountains 1880
Alexander Helwig Wyant: Autumn in New Hampshire 1874/75
Thomas COLE: Niagara Falls 1830
Eastman Johnson: Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket 1876
John LA FARGE: Snow Field, Marning 1864
Childe HASSAM: Winter Landscape with Figures 1902
George Hunt: Approach to Christmas

Ando HIROSHIGE: Snow Scene 1852
Grant WOOD: American Gothic
Vincent VAN GOGH: Montmartre c1886/


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