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Pre-Loved Classical CD's or DVD's
Pre-Loved Classical Records

Do you want to list YOUR classical CD's, DVD's and Records?

if you are interested in advertising YOUR classical CD's and Records

Provide the following information:

Titles, Artist/s, Price (inc. shipping) and YOUR email address for your customers to order
(Your items will appear in similar format to our own CD/RECORD pages)

Place (up to 10 advertisements) in each order
Cost is $5 - (50c for each item) PLUS 50 cents GST for Australian orders

On receiving your order we will invoice you thro' PAYPAL

When PAYPAL notifies us that payment is received the adverts will go online
(Ads will be online for 12 weeks from this day unless you notify us that they are sold)

Template for advertising your Pre-Loved CD's is  HERE

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